We don't always choose
the circumstances of our lives,
but we CAN choose our response.
is about transforming life's lemons,
and fully living the life you have,
even if it's not the life you wanted.

Personal and Relationship Issues

Support Groups for Adults

Are you a person who wants to improve the quality of your personal, relationship or family life? Support groups for a variety of issues are conducted periodically for:

  • Singles
  • Couples
  • Divorced or divorcing individuals
  • Parenting concerns
  • Women’s issues
  • People with concerns about sexuality
  • Other adult and family issues

Each group is specifically designed to address the needs and interests of the participants, according to the topic of the group. You’ll work with a skilled professional in a group discussing the particular type of concerns you have. We meet in a safe and confidential environment, to address such common concerns as:

  • developing effective relationship and communication skills
  • managing stress and conflict
  • understanding the relationship between past, present and future
  • resolving interpersonal issues
  • anger, frustration, fear, or despair
  • developing and maintaining a positive outlook
  • finding the Blessing in Disguise, a silver lining in the current situation


Support groups consist of eight meetings, in a group of 6-10 people. No additional participants are added to a group once it has begun.

Each session is two hours in length, including:

  • curriculum
  • discussion
  • socializing

Some sessions include materials for discussion and for take-home challenges, processing, or inspiration. There are a variety of activities included, relevant to the issues being addressed by that particular group.

Most insurance plans will cover this program, in the same way they pay for treatment of depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues (Medi-Cal or Medicare are, unfortunately, not able to be taken at this time). Major credit cards are accepted.

Groups meet in a comfortable environment in Sherman Oaks. Additional groups scheduled by arrangement in other locations around the Los Angeles area or elsewhere. Please contact Dr. Jaffe for more information regarding group schedules, initial interviews, and fees.

Note that because each support group has a different focus, schedules vary. Please contact Dr. Jaffe if you are interested in being on a list for a group for singles, couples, divorce issues, parenting, or other type of relationship issue.

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