We don't always choose
the circumstances of our lives,
but we CAN choose our response.
is about transforming life's lemons,
and fully living the life you have,
even if it's not the life you wanted.


My fees are comparable to those of other Los Angeles therapists with doctoral degrees and similar level of experience. In addition, my registered interns work under my supervision and can see clients at a reduced fee. Please contact me for more information about fees, or download current client information and intake forms.

pdficon_large (In CA) Guidelines and Agreements for Counseling/Psychotherapy
pdficon_large (Out of CA) Agreements for Counseling/Coaching/Consulting
pdficon_large Client Information Form (Adult)
pdficon_large Client Information Form (Adolescent)

NOTE: In a private practice setting, we do not have outside funding as a counseling agency does. We can provide the names of local sliding scale agencies or MediCare/MediCal clinics if you need their services.


Most insurance companies cover a portion of mental health services, but every plan is different. I am no longer on any panels or lists for specific companies. If your insurance company provides a referral list of “preferred providers,” and if you feel comfortable with someone on the list, you might find that to be the most economical alternative. However, my services are unique, and if you have read my webpage and want to work with me, you will need to self-pay or contact your insurance company to determine your coverage for reimbursement. Ask these questions:

  • do I need a referral from a physician before I can get therapy?
  • does my insurance cover a provider outside of network?
  • will my insurance provide payment for a PhD, licensed MFT?
  • what is my deductible that must be met first?
  • how much will my plan cover for each session? (specific dollar amount? percentage of fee?)
  • is there a limit on number of sessions per year or on amount of fees per year?

I am sorry but I am unable to accept Medi-Cal or Medicare payments at this time.


Before our first session, the law requires that we discuss fees. That’s a pretty awkward way to start a therapeutic relationship, and it is NOT a reflection of what I value about working with people, but it’s necessary in order to avoid misunderstandings. Cash, checks, PayPal, debit or credit cards are accepted for payment. Generally, fees are expected on the day of services, unless other arrangements have been made. Telephone counseling sessions are paid by credit or debit card or PayPal in advance.

Why consider possible self-payment of fees

Paying for your own therapy rather than going through your insurance company can provide you with a greater sense of privacy and control over your treatment. I will do everything possible to provide confidentiality in working with you. However, your insurance company will require a psychiatric diagnosis, and some managed care companies also want additional personal information to determine fee payment. Managed care companies have an employee – usually a person with less clinical expertise than a therapist – who evaluates your condition and your progress to determine the length of treatment, which is often very limited. It is also possible that your personal information will be electronically stored and might affect later access to health or disability coverage.

Associates/Reduced Price Therapy

Intern Associates are psychotherapists with a master’s degree who are completing post-graduate training in a private practice setting. They have generally completed at least 1500-2000 hours of supervised clinical supervised training before coming to work in Dr. Jaffe’s practice. Because they are pre-licensed, intern associates can provide reduced fee services to make counseling more affordable.


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