We don't always choose
the circumstances of our lives,
but we CAN choose our response.
is about transforming life's lemons,
and fully living the life you have,
even if it's not the life you wanted.

Lemon Aid

Strategies for Living a Full Life with a Rare Disorder

Lemon-Aid is specifically intended to assist those with an “orphan disorder,” a rare or less-common medical condition. While we may not have choices about the circumstances of our lives, we can choose what to do with them. A positive attitude does not deny the reality of our circumstances, but is a decision to live life fully, in the face of that reality, whatever it may be. Lemon-Aid is about transforming life’s lemons, creating a rich and fulfilling life, regardless of the adversities we face.

Born with a rare condition? Developed a rare disorder later?

Are you feeling:

  • Frustrated?
  • Angry?
  • Depressed?
  • Discouraged?
  • Isolated?
  • Stressed?

Then LEMON-AID® may be for you!

One problem with rare disorders is that it may be hard to find others with the same condition to share concerns. The Internet is a great resource for finding online support such as information or discussions, but the human, in-person element is missing.

LEMON-AID® is a program designed to assist those with a variety of such disorders to meet together with a skilled professional who also has personal experience with a rare condition. We meet in a safe and confidential environment, to address such common concerns as:

  • anger and/or despair about my condition
  • difficulty explaining my condition to others
  • dealing with my family members, including their frustrations with the burdens I place on them
  • feelings of guilt about burdening others, which sometimes leads to my not getting what I need
  • fears about my future
  • finding (or keeping) significant relationships
  • managing symptoms and stress
  • developing and maintaining a positive outlook
  • finding (or creating) positive aspects in a difficult situation


LEMON-AID® consists of eight structured meetings, in a group of 6-8 people. No additional participants are added to a group once it has begun.

Each session is two hours in length, including:

  • curriculum
  • discussion
  • socializing

Sessions include materials for discussion and for take-home challenges, processing, or inspiration. One session includes an inspirational video. Each week’s curriculum addresses areas of concern such as those listed above, with the overriding purposes of:

  • enhancing coping skills and strategies
  • increasing self-esteem
  • developing responsibility for self-management of the condition
  • improving attitude and outlook
  • instilling hope, and
  • inspiring the creation of meaning-making in the face of disease.

Most insurance plans will cover this program, in the same way they pay for any mental health services (Medi-Cal or Medicare are, unfortunately, not able to be taken at this time). Major credit cards are accepted.

Groups meet in a cozy environment in Sherman Oaks. Additional groups may be scheduled by arrangement in other locations around the Los Angeles area or elsewhere. Please contact Dr. Jaffe for more information regarding group schedules, initial interviews, and fees.

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